Letter — Age raised to purchase tobacco products

To the Editor:
I find it interesting that the leaders in Milford recently voted to ban the sale of tobacco to those under the age of 21. Do they think this will stop people from smoking in the future? I think not.
We are going forward with banning a number of things in this state for those under 21 years old, but you can still join the military and lay your life on the line at the age of 18. Interesting contradiction here. No alcohol, no tobacco, helmets for motorcyclists, firearms concealed carry permit, and what else, or what's next?
Why then, don't the leaders in both the communities and the state come together and make a state statute banning military service until you reach the age of 21, that would supersede the federal law on this? Glad I grew up in an era when this was all 18, and not 21.
I joined the U.S. Navy at 17 with my father's signature; had I been 18, I would not have needed it. It seems very hypocritical to me that we can send our young men and women off to fight for our country, trusting them as responsible adults with fully automatic weapons, sending them out to eliminate the enemy in the battlefield, but this type of adult trust doesn't apply at home. At least not in Connecticut, anyway ...
Geoff Viscount