Letter: A heart warming Christmas tree-buying story

To the Editor:

I cannot even express what a wonderful experience my husband and I had buying a Christmas Tree at Filanowski's Farm last night.

On the coldest night of the year, I forced my husband to (finally) get our Christmas tree. We recently moved to Milford and I had to research to find a place to buy a tree. At a little before 6 p.m., I called Filanowski's and spoke with the kindest woman. (I now know it was Nick's mom.) She literally said "oh hold on... I think they were closing early tonight but let me call over there to see if they can stay open for you.” I had her on speaker phone and my husband and I just looked at each other in amazement. She got back on the phone and said, "Yes, come on over. We will stay open.”

My husband and I were astounded by the kindness and "old fashioned values" of customer service that one rarely experiences anymore. I threw on three layers of clothing and we dashed out the door. But wait... the story gets better.

On the way there (about three miles), my husband hit something in the road, so by the time we arrived at Filanowski's we had a flat tire (completely blown). We are the only people silly enough to buy a tree on the coldest night of the year, and the parking lot was empty.

Nick Filanowski comes over to greet us, my husband mentions that we got a flat on the way over. Without a moment’s hesitation, Nick immediately offered to help. Within minutes he had found the farm's car jack and our car was lifted off the ground. My husband had trouble finding the tools to put the spare on (he did find them eventually), so Nick offered to see if they had more tools and also offered a spare tire to borrow.

In the midst of the wonderful, freezing fiasco, Nick commented, "Well, you will never forget this tree buying experience," and I responded back, "In more ways than you will ever know.”

We eventually got the spare on, bought a beautiful tree and headed home.

Despite the freezing temperature and the flat tire, December 13 was truly a Magical Christmas Night, one my husband and I will (hopefully) never forget.

For us, the night was an embodiment of generosity, the gracious heart of the American farmer and a living representation of The True Meaning of Christmas.

Thank you Filanowski Family. Your generosity and kindness truly moved us.

P.S Our tree is absolutely beautiful.

Joanne Martin