LaPorta supports Slossberg reelection

To the Editor:
Gayle Slossberg needs no introduction from me. For those who know her work, it stands as testimony to a woman who has walked her talk well before her first election.

Anyone privy to her platform, promises and delivery can see she has done the due diligence necessary to make her a responsible, articulate and beloved legislator.
Gayle is the real deal. She has focused on keeping Connecticut working and producing. Gayle spent countless hours promoting health, welfare and education for all our kids. Mrs. Slossberg is a role-model legislator; the kind you want kids to emulate and respect.
As a retired principal from Platt Tech, I have seen the quality of her commitment and the depths of her heart. Gayle helped turn our school's Manufacturing Department into one of the state's foremost training and educational facilities.
When my daughter suffered near fatal injuries at the hands of a stalker, she gave our family more than a shoulder to cry on, she gave a true piece of her soul. I will not ever forget and neither should any constituent who has been touched by this lady's class and style.
If there was ever a reason to re-elect a state Senator the logic is really simple; Gayle has never seen this as only a job, but a calling to public service. I can stand, along with many, in witness to that fact. We are all fortunate to have a woman of her caliber representing us.
Gene LaPorta