LETTER: Voters should hold candidates accountable

To the Editor:

When Gov. Lamont reversed direction and proposed tolls for cars, he became just another politician who will say anything to get elected and can’t be trusted.
Locally, State Reps. Charles Ferrero and Kathy Kennedy promised to oppose tolls and are still committed to opposing them. State Senator James Maroney campaigned on tolls for trucks only. Now that this is no longer an option, he says he will keep his campaign promise and vote against car tolls. These 3 people are still committed to keeping their promises.
During the campaign no one was clearer in opposing tolls than Representative Kim Rose. When her opponent said that a vote for Rose would be a vote for tolls, Rose’s answer was “stop the lies.” Her campaign website sprouted the phrase “NO TOLLS” like a 100 daffodils in spring.
Now it looks like the daffodils are dead. Asked recently about her position on tolls, she said that it might not come up for a vote, she hasn’t had time to review the bill and she would “probably” vote against it.
Candidates are going to continue to mislead voters until there are consequences. If we want this to change, voters are going to have to hold candidates accountable for their promises.

Tom Jagodzinski