LETTER: 'Too many eyes with dollar signs'

To the Editor:
I am beginning to wonder if the mayor or his administration really know anything about Milford? Have they ever driven the streets of this city?
Milford is one of the most heavily traffic congested towns I have ever visited! Not only are we still using traffic patterns that were archaic when I was born (I’m 61), but the mayor and his people want to develop Milford even more than it is now, eventually adding more cars, more people, more construction delays, with an inevitable drop in the overall quality of life.
It is impossible to enjoy any of the scenic spots in downtown Milford without being overwhelmed with auto exhaust and noise from basically static traffic. There is nothing more that I like than spending 20-25 minutes to make a crosstown trip that used to take 10 minutes. Not to mention that flooding has increased in areas that used to be a bit more stable, not so much due to climate change as to the mass cutting of trees that used to absorb the water.
I think what we have here is a case of too many eyes with dollar signs in them, and not enough concern or care for the actual residents, especially lifelong ones. At some point a tipping point will be reached, and there will be no turning back...

Barry Hatrick