LETTER: Egan Center needs work

To the Editor:
If the City of Milford is so interested in renovating itself, why hasn’t anything been done with the Margaret Egan Center on Matthew Street? The poor building has needed work for decades. It’s becoming quite shabby, none of the air conditioners in the rooms work, yet this building serves as the home to dozens of local groups and organizations which meet there daily and nightly, particularly in summer. 
Without this building to serve their needs, these groups would have nowhere to go. Instead of focusing it’s eyes on more unnecessary apartments, why doesn’t the city put some effort into taking care of its’ citizens needs, especially for such a good cause? 
Perhaps there’s not enough money in it for our government? I would like to issue a challenge to the city and its’ administration: fix the Egan Center. The citizens who use it would be very grateful!!
Barry Hatrick