Jordan’s Park falling into disrepair

Letter to the Editor:
As we come to the seventh anniversary of my son's death in Iraq in 2006 I begin to reflect on the past.
Shortly after Jordan's death then mayor James Richetelli came to me and asked what the city of Milford could do to honor my son's service and sacrifice.

After some careful consideration I suggested that the park at the end of Davenport by revitalized and named after him.
At the time the park was a run down, shoddy basketball court, with overgrown foliage and outdated playground equipment in disrepair.
The park was transformed; a new playscape, resurfaced basketball court with actual nets hanging on the rims, and a memorial area with a stone to reflect on Jordan's legacy.
At this point in time however I am discouraged by the way his legacy is being honored. All too often the park's upkeep is neglected, litter, dirty playscape, and overgrown grass and brush.
Right now the playscape shows years of dirty buildup and is in need of a pressure washing at a minimum.
But what concerns me the most is that the park seems to have lost its goal. Every day the park is dominated by teens and young adults smoking and drinking at the benches in front of my son's memorial.
Frequently a couple of young adults will drive up to the park entrance and park. Shortly thereafter other cars will pull up, people get out and sit in the original car and drive off again.
All this will go on for some 90 minutes in some cases. After that you will find discarded cigar wrappers and Ziploc bags about the size of a quarter littered around the memorial.
All this activity of course deters the younger children from coming to the park to use the playscape, especially if the teens are hanging out in it at the time.
And the language used discourages younger kids from coming as you can hear that half a block away.
That is not the legacy I want my son's name to leave; not for him, not for any serviceman that gave his life for his country.
We should focus on those things that bring honor — like Jordan's Ride (the motorcycle ride run yearly by the Milford Elks Club to raise money for the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund) or the Corporal Jordan C. Pierson scholarship given out at Foran High School.
So this letter is a public plea to make and keep the Jordan C, Pierson Memorial park something that we all can take pride in.
Eric Pierson