Jagodzinsky says board needs better reports on academics

To the Editor:
All of the handouts for this month’s Milford Board of Education meeting were available on-line before the meeting except for the most important item, a report on progress in meeting the goals that the board set up to monitor academic progress. I requested a copy and when it didn’t arrive I went to the meeting early to get one. I found out that not only couldn’t I get a copy before the actual presentation but even board members couldn’t get one. How are people supposed to prepare for a discussion of critical issues without the necessary information?
As far as its stated purpose was concerned, the report turned out to be meaningless and misleading. The report contained 24 graphs. Not a single one showed how academic performance compared to the board’s goals. In the 66 page report there wasn’t a single fact that would indicate how the schools were doing relative to the goals.
Six graphs showed Milford performance compared to national standards. This is as meaningful as comparing a polar bear to an orange and concluding the bear is bigger. Some charts showed that there was virtually no gap in academic performance between regular students and special education students. I wish it was true but everyone knows this is nonsense.
Unfortunately, this report is typical of what the board gets on academic standards. For years Milford’s schools have been under-performing academically. To change this situation the board needs meaningful information. Dr. Feser and the board need to insist on better reporting.
Tom Jagodzinski