Jagodzinski says school board spends too much

To the Editor:

The Milford Board of Education budget process is a complete mess. Year after year taxpayers are forced to overpay for schools that are underperforming. While students and taxpayers live in the real world, the board lives in a fantasy world of tight budgets and great schools.

There are 23 school districts in Connecticut that are similar to Milford. Only two of these districts spend more money per student than Milford, yet academically Milford is below average and its high schools rank 22nd out of 24.

Adjusted for the number of students in the district, Milford spends about $20 million per year more on education than Shelton, a city which is approximately the same size and has a similar demographic and socioeconomic profile. Anyone who thinks it's impossible that over spending could possibly be that much should review last year's consultant's report on special education. They identified $9 million is overspending in that area alone.

The board never looks at the big picture. Instead of viewing the budget forest, they concentrate on the line item trees. They add a little here and subtract a little there but never bother looking for major misallocations of funds.

The board needs to get its act together. The $20 million currently wasted could be put to a better use. With my share of the money, I could replace my driveway.

Tom Jagodzinski