Jagodzinski demands answers from Mayor

To the Editor:
When a state like Connecticut has seen a governor and multiple mayors wind up in jail, elected officials should be extra careful to avoid corruption or the appearance of corruption.
Unfortunately, thanks to Mayor Blake's action or inaction, it's become easy for people to imagine a 'Mayor for Sale” sign in front of the Milford City Hall.

A major Connecticut newspaper has reported that in the last election, lawyers from the Bridgeport law firm Pullman made unusually large political contributions to Mayor Blake and two other Democratic mayoral candidates. All three Democrats won and all three switched their city's bonding business to Pullman.
Mayor Blake has claimed that the switch to Pullman has saved the city $900,000 which is nonsense. If the Mayor really believes this, he has no idea what's involved in the bonding process. Most of the saving is due to falling interest rates and the quality of the city's credit rating.
The Mayor's misleading statements have made the situation worse. Mayor Blake's defense in all this has been that he was informed about what was going on but was uninvolved.
Bonding is an important issue for a city and I think the people of Milford would expect their mayor to take a little more interest in what's happening.
At this point, he needs to explain how the selection process was conducted, why the decision was made and provide a credible analysis of the legal fees and services.
He should not let this cloud continue to hang over our city.
Tom Jagodzinski