Isn’t misled by McMahon media blitz

Dear Editor:
I get the impression that Chris Murphy’s opponent for U. S. Senate is not Linda McMahon, but rather all the massive deceptive advertising she has bought in order to try to buy our votes.

The advertising bombardment, financed by the wrestling magnate’s millions, puts Chris’s media “buys” to shame. Yet, it could also become Linda’s worst enemy.
For example, a woman on Governor’s Avenue, Milford, told me, when I was recently canvassing for Chris, “I'm voting against Linda as much as I'm voting for Chris. I don't like her campaign. All that smearing.”
Nonetheless, advertising is about conjuring up a negative perception of your opponent, and putting forth a positive “image” of yourself, regardless of reality. That’s why the candidate with the most advertising usually wins. Advertising works. The siren-like appeal of advertising, especially in mega-doses a la Linda, is cunning, powerful and deceptive. It tends to reach out and grab you.
Don’t you be deceived, though. Don’t let Linda buy your vote.
Donald Dallas