In support of Staneski for 119th

To the Editor:

This year it is important for me to publicly state my support for Pam Staneski for the 119th District House of Representatives for the State of Connecticut, representing both Milford and Orange.

For me, this is not a party issue — it is about the ability of our representatives to fully represent, respond and react to the needs of multiple communities. Pam Staneski is that person. I met her first as a parent running the book publishing center at Calf Pen, then I met her as a new Board of Education member at Orange Avenue and then as she responded to our mutual concern about drug use at our high schools and in our community.

Out of many conversations Pam and I brought a coalition of community members together to form the Milford Prevention Council. MPC is a collaboration with an ongoing mission of health and wholeness for the  Milford community.

This is Pam — she sees an issue and she is out there, in front of it, taking it on, doing the research, getting a team around her to make a difference and make our community stronger.

This is what Pam can do for the State of Connecticut — she can listen to her constituents and make our state stronger. Pam is the person we need.  She'll be in our towns taking our concerns to be heard at the state level. She won't vote because she's been told to follow the leader, she'll stand her ground and do what's best for the people in Milford and Orange and our state.

We need this kind of a representative and we need her now.

Vote for Pam Staneski for the 119th.

Marcia Winter