In favor of keeping children on the school bus

To the Editor:

For the 2014/2015 school year the Milford Board of Education has decided to eliminate two school buses and will have 180 kids that currently take the bus now become walkers.

This in order to save $80,000 in the transportation budget. This same school board had no problem spending $80,000 on a consultant for the Long Range Planning Committee, which recommended that we go back to a K-5 system. A recommendation that the parents of Milford have said all along – for free.

The Board of Education will meet on May 12 at 7 p.m. I urge all parents to attend and let our voices be heard. By the following school year the Board of Education will have an additional 270 students walking to school. Many of our schools cannot accommodate the increased traffic this will bring during inclement weather, and when it snows children will be forced to walk in the street because walkways are not cleared for safe passage by our children.

The first priority of the school board should be our children’s safety. If they can find money for “consultants” they can find the money to keep our kids on the bus.

Andrea Feher