Hardiman backs Rose for reelection

To the Editor:

Connecticut has the widest education achievement gap in the country. But Kim Rose is leading the charge to change that. Recognizing that the road to high achievement begins before school, Kim Rose helped create 1,000 new pre-K school readiness slots statewide. She also supported initiatives to improve literacy in kindergarten through grade three and provide assistance to chronically under-performing schools — while giving our dedicated and hardworking local educators the tools they need to succeed.

Since Kim Rose was elected to represent the residents of Milford at the State Capitol, I’ve watched her closely and she is one of the hardest working lawmakers we have in Hartford. She has all the qualities we need in a true state representative. Talent, steadfastness, honesty, a proven ability to work with others and the energy to tackle tough issues and get results.

Kim is one of the hardest working and compassionate lawmakers we have, trying to do what’s right for our schools and obtaining the funds that our schools need to fulfill their mission.

As others have said, education is the most important investment any state or municipality can make toward a healthy socioeconomic future and Kim is working to help Milford serve its residents. All of our kids deserve a first class education and Kim knows that.

I hope you will join me and vote for Kim’s re-election in November.

Marty Hardiman