Genovese knocks plans to demolish historic house

Letter to the Editor:

On Monday June 24 the Historic Commission voted to demolish one of our historic homes: The Sanford/Bristol house at 111-113 North Street that dates back to the 1700s. It is in the historic district and on the National Register which is supposed to be protected.

Bill Farrell who is the first vice president of the Milford Historical Society is the person who bought the Sanford/Bristol house and is requesting that the house be demolished.

The Historic Commission was formed to protect our historical homes in historic districts. The commission consists of President of the Milford Historical Society Arthur Stowe, Linda Stephenson, Millie Beyer, Robert Berchem, Suzanne Whittaker and Dr. John O’Neil.

They all voted to demolish the Sanford Bristol house except Dr. John O’Neil who voted to save the house. I guess you can say that the Historic Commission has forgotten why they formed this commission in the first place.

The architects that Bill Farrell has hired are saying that the foundation is not secure enough. I find this hard to believe since the house is over 200 years old and it is still standing. The foundations on many homes they build today are not as solid as the foundations they built over 200 years ago.

I ask you why even bother having a Historic Commission? I always believed that members of such boards and commissions were there to protect history not demolish it.

The Milford Preservation Trust hand delivered to Robert Berchems’s office a resolution before the meeting on June 24. It was a resolution to the Historic Commission opposing the demolition of the Sanford/Bristol house.

Our Historic Commission has made a major statement with their vote and you have to ask yourself is the History of Milford in jeopardy?

Barbara Genovese

Vice President of Milford Preservation Trust