Gaynor files complaint about Slossberg’s political brochure

To the Editor:

In late July, you may recall receiving a large, foldout colorful brochure from State Senator Slossberg. This piece was not paid by Slossberg's campaign funds but rather through taxpayer money. It clearly served as a promotional piece aimed at prospective voters and constituents, with the intent to bring about her re-election this November.

While it is important that elected officials be afforded the privilege to keep their constituents informed of the happenings of government, Senator Slossberg has abused this privilege. Instead of using the mailing to keep her constituents informed, she sent a self-promoting and an entirely self-laudatory promotional piece without any meaningful information. Not only has she engaged in poor judgment but her conduct may be illegal.

While Senator Slossberg will no doubt argue that she sent her mailing before the three-month prohibition in regard to constituent mailing, her mailing is really a thinly disguised pamphlet or newspaper masquerading as a constituent communication.

Connecticut state law “prohibits an official or state employee to authorize the use of public funds for, newspaper or magazine campaign or advertisement which (A) features the name, face…of a candidate for public office, or (B) promotes the nomination or election of a candidate for public office, during the twelve-month period preceding the election…” Her self-laudatory piece violates the spirit and the clear language of the campaign finance laws.

In July, I filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. In a letter, dated August 20, the SEEC responded and “voted to authorize an investigation.”

Matt Gaynor

14th district candidate