Freedom Lawn contest seeks pesticide-free lawns

To the Editor:
This letter is not happy news for those who use Roundup with abandon or for those who are their neighbors. Here is a website that tells the story about Roundup and all the myths that surround it. It isn't as innocent as table salt like they originally sold it.

"Scientists just discovered a nasty little secret regarding America's go-to weedkiller, Roundup: It changes disease-causing bacteria in a way that makes antibiotics humans rely on, less likely to work."

As you may or may not know we are more and more at risk to staph infections. We don’t need to enhance our risk by using Roundup, by spraying in an indiscriminate manner.

From Rodale News:  Roundup Doubles your Risk of Lymphoma.

"They say the best way to avoid these harmful weedkillers is to choose organic whenever possible, use these lawn-care tricks, and elect lawmakers who support real chemical regulation reforms, not weak ones supported by the chemical industry."

The Environmental Concerns Coalition and our Freedom Lawn initiative which was started and still continues, since 1996, advocates for the non use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We have a contest every year.  You can see the 2014 and 2015 Freedom Lawn Booklets at the library, which show pictures of the gardens of those  who participated in the contest.

The winners for 2015 are Barbara Mitaly and Ruth Ann and Dean P. Cyr. Their yards and gardens represented outstanding organic gardens and lawns. They have maintained very high standards these past many years as noted from our prior records as entrants years ago.

We are looking for those who are organic in their lawn, garden and yard care to enter our 2016 Freedom Lawn Contest.  Please call 203-878-0910 and if you enter your yards will be photographed by us to be shown in our 2016 Freedom Lawn booklet. By the way you don’t have to have that perfect lawn. Clover especially and even dandelions are welcome.

Ann Berman, Co-chair of Freedom Lawn