Former coach backs Maroney’s office bid

To the Editor:
I had the chance to coach James Maroney as an assistant track coach when he was a student-athlete at Jonathan Law High School. James was one of the greatest leaders I have ever coached in my 23 year career.

James became a state champion his senior year. His state title didn't come because James was filled with natural ability. His success came through hard work, dedication and a wonderful vision of his goals.
While James was working hard to achieve personal success on the track and in the classroom, he was just as aware of his peers. It was obvious even back them that this was a unique young man who would do great things with his life.
I have kept in touch with James as he went on to Yale where he was a successful student and captain of the track team. He has managed his post-school life with the same positive attitude and drive that made him a success in the early years of his life. He is a strong educator and business man, and most of all, devoted husband and father.
Voting for James is a vote for a person with the highest of integrity and values. He’s truly a man who loves this community and will put everything he has into improving life for all of us.
I put my complete confidence and support behind James Maroney and I hope others will as well.
Scott Schulte