Exit 33 is a great project

To the Editor:
I read with disgust in the Stratford Star about the opponents and their never ending quest to lie to the good people of Stratford and Devon.
Newsflash. Didn't your parents ever tell you it is wrong to lie? Certain former politicians in Milford and their operatives here in Stratford will continue to use sneaky and underhanded tactics to scuttle this project. They know they are wrong and that is why they meet secretly with certain members of the Legislature to try and kill this project. While they are entitled to their misguided opinions, this project is a no brainer. It will help the economic rebirth of both Devon and Stratford, as well as solve the “parking lot” issue on Devon roads.
If these businesses like living with parking lots, then that is their problem. But most Stratfordites will not kow-tow to a small group of some fake environmental group and some washed up politicos in Milford. Our mayor, council, state delegation, and, even, some politicians in Milford, are in favor of this project.
The groundswell of support negates a few bitter NIMBY's spreading lies about Raymark waste and false facts about economic problems. It's time to stop telling lies and start telling the good people of town the truth, that this project is a great idea.
Change is coming to this depressed area of Route 1 and the NIMBY's  and their politicos in Milford's lies will always and forever be debunked by the facts.
Jason Santi,
4th District Councilman
Town of Stratford