Disagrees with attack on President Obama

To the Editor:
Mr. Hauck had a mouthful to say recently in his letter about President Obama's performance that appeared in the Oct. 4 edition of the Milford Mirror. The only thing excluded is that Obama didn't beat his dog.

As I read it, were we talking about the same man? After reading his assessment, it is a wonder how President Obama can even put his pants on right. Surly, there must be at least one thing President Obama has done correctly?
Mr. Hauck is obviously angry, but so am I.
I would suggest that anger got the better of Mr. Hauck’s thinking making it impossible to look at these issues with some objectivity. By contrast, although I didn’t vote for President Bush and believed his policies to be bad, I never described him with the venom and anger Mr. Hauck often uses so freely in this and other letters.
Why can’t Mr. Hauck address issues in a more civil manner? We would all benefit.
By contrast, I wish to describe my assessment of Mr. Romney. This description of Mr. Romney's changing positions was best described by Mr. Jon Huntsman, former Ambassador to China and a candidate for GOP president.
Mr. Hunstman said, “On any issue, Mr. Romney is a well oiled weather vane.”
Sadly, this is an accurate but dismal personal assessment of someone who wants to be our President and wants our vote.
Mr. Romney was recently heard when addressing wealthy supporters so cruelly describing 47% of the country as dead beats, not tax payers and freeloaders, etc.
Mr. Romney now says he was wrong and really wants to govern the 100%. He disavowed his successful tenure as Governor of Massachusetts by first repealing “Obamacare” in its entirety, but now, well, only some parts of the Affordable Health Care Act will be repealed.
Space prevents me from continuing. His weather vane is still working overtime.
Voting is a sacred act and giving it to someone like Mr. Romney really is a desecration. Who and what are you voting for? We just don’t know who he is. I believe Mr. Romney no longer recognizes the truth of anything.
Would you vote for a weather vane?
John Scalici