Differing views should be heard

To the Editor:

A phrase by Tom Oliphant of the Boston Globe applies to the Tea Party’s opposition to The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare as a “A Parade of Awfuls.” We constantly hear that Obamacare “will kill,” “ruin,” “destroy,” etc. Nowhere is any of this “stuff” substantiated by independent evaluation. It is all generated and driven by Big Money opposition: Koch Bros, far right extremists, and those who have always trashed the president on anything beginning with his birth certificate, now it’s health care, tomorrow something else. The list and vitriol is endless. Will it end? Perhaps the answer is in this quote:

George Wills, a respected Conservative commentator has written opposing Sen. Cruz regarding his opposition of the ACA. He wishes to defund/end the ACA by using national financial issues as a wedge. Wills quote: “Those people who are best at deceiving others first deceive themselves. They often begin to do so by allowing their wishes to be the father of their thoughts, begin by wishing that everything has changed...”

Is this where the far right lives intellectually? In Tinker Bell’s “Never, Never Land?” Their positions and utterances often suggest it. You only hear negatives, never positives. Any positive mentioned is stated “sote voce” (as a stage whisper). But when negatives are talked about, it’s loud, clear and bombastic.

How their conclusions are arrived at is a mystery. One thing is true; vitriol blocks reason. Most economists, right, left and center, agree Sen. Cruz’s strategy is suicidal, yet he and they are undeterred by facts. Marching in suicidal lockstep with Sen. Cruz will cause our beloved nation to descend into what ? You fill in that blank, I can’t.

What to do? Until the Tea Party (not moderate Republicans) is weakened by declining public support with eventual loss of unreasonable congressional influence, nothing can get done. Like a hurricane, its strength comes from moisture; Tea Party strength comes from public support. I do believe that differing views should be heard, and even represented in government, (including the Tea Party). To do so means the Tea Party must act civilly and compromising when working out issues. This should be the norm. Vitriol is always self consuming, with never any winners. By contrast, civility is charitable, inclusive and nourishing, allowing our national garden to grow to heights never seen before.

John Scalici