DiLullo pleased with interest in registrar race

To the Editor:
It was wonderful to have a reporter attend the recent Milford Republican Town Committee meeting, along with a room packed with MRTC members and guests.
As a gentle reminder, everyone – regardless of political affiliation – is welcome to attend our monthly meetings.

Equally exciting this year was the fact that three candidates declared their interest in an important political and government position, Republican Registrar of Voters.
It is my understanding that this position hasn’t been challenged for quite some time. As MRTC chairwoman, I find it heartening and exciting that so many people are engaged in the process that we now have an abundance of qualified candidates for such positions. Robust campaigning and spirited debate are healthy for democracy, in my opinion.
The fact that Lynne McNamee was the overwhelming choice of the MRTC members assembled is good news for all voters, not just Republicans. Lynne is as bright and hard-working as they come. That said, Lynne’s victory in no way diminishes the appreciation and respect we have for our outgoing Republican Registrar Rose Scarpa, who has contributed selflessly to the community and the Republican Party throughout the years.
Indeed, we are fortunate to have a lively, democratic form of government and an abundance of talented candidates like Rose Scarpa, Debra Fellenbaum and Lynne McNamee who simply want to serve.
Lisa Bull DiLullo Republican Town Committee Chair