DiLullo angry over DEEP ‘bungling’

To the Editor:
I’m so upset with our State bureaucracy — specifically about the complete lack of thoughtful coordination and judgment of our wanna-be watchdogs, the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. My distress concerns their incredible bungling of the situation concerning Recycling, Inc. at 990 Naugatuck Avenue.

Last year, I joined nearly 100 concerned residents at an information session with DEEP bureaucrats who came down from on high Hartford to address burning questions about how DEEP could possibly consider allowing expanded operations for the Recycling Inc. dump in a residential neighborhood.
When presented with concerns about the “real” owner of 990 Naugatuck Avenue, Gus Curcio, the DEEP cut-outs brushed us off. To the best of my recollection, they said, in effect, that they couldn’t consider anything outside of their limited responsibilities of reviewing specific technical points in the Recycling Inc. application. In other words, the crazy convoluted land records that pointed to Gus Curcio as the owner really didn’t count.
Left adrift, residents petitioned their elected officials to intervene and the City of Milford went on to pay nearly $120,000 to the law firm Hurwitz, Sagarin, Slossberg & Knuff to examine the feasibility of appealing the DEEP actions. And DEEP just slogged along.
It wasn’t until the craziest development of all occurred – the real owner just sued the fake owner in a public dispute of whose dump it is – that DEEP could no longer hide from the truth.
Today, long after the DEEP-o-crats refused to consider the shady history and sketchy ownership issues of the property, the king of DEEP-dom, Commissioner Daniel Esty, was quoted as saying this: “This agency (DEEP) would never grant a permit to someone attempting to stand in for an individual with a background that would make them ineligible.”
Way to go, DEEP. Hundreds of angry residents, $120,000 in city-funded legal experts, and engaged elected officials couldn’t get you to the right conclusion as fast as a felon fighting with his shill over who really owns the mess. Lisa Bull DiLullo