Democratic chairman applauds city’s work after storm

To the Editor:

When we as a community in Milford face difficult times we come together, neighbor helping neighbor, demonstrating inspiration, patience and selflessness. During these past few days, in the wake of the largest snow storm we have faced in history, we have looked in on our elders, shoveled out our neighbors and found comfort with our families as our city undertook the most formidable challenge of our time, to dig us out from beneath an unprecedented 38 inches of snow.

Most residents contribute to this wonderful sense of community, one that is grateful to each of our city employees and contractors who are out, around the clock, away from their families digging out street after street, as quickly as possible so each of us might be able to resume our lives. These same residents may not have had their street cleared yet and still they demonstrated support and understanding that this storm was bigger than just "my" street. These folks realized that the city cannot plow this volume of snow, instead they had to actually pick it up and move it, on more than 1,200 streets across our city. These were, indeed, extraordinary circumstances.

To the mayor, our public works employees as well as police and fire, thank you from one grateful resident who knows how hard everyone worked to help us recover from this epic storm.

Richard Smith

DTC Chairman