Dem chair charges GOP with 'sheer, intentional deception'

To the Editor:

It's sad that in the final days of our local election, Milford Republicans stoop to sheer and intentional deception of Milford voters. More unfortunate is that some people in Milford are buying it without checking the facts or the meeting minutes from the Board of Aldermen meeting.

On their Facebook page, Milford Republicans have posted a picture of a contaminated land site, implying it's in Milford. Truth is, it's a picture from a site in Indiana. They hoped Milford people would infer it’s from Milford, it is not.

Next, they will have voters believe that Milford has purchased a toxic lot, the city has not purchased any such property.

The property under discussion was being considered as a staging area for possible bulk waste in the event of a storm like Storm Sandy, as required by FEMA. Still, this property still needs to be studied further and further considered before any plan to purchase the property would move forward.

It’s a shame that our friends on the Republican side are so desperate for issues that they have reduced themselves to willful deception of the Milford voters.

Richard Smith