Congress should keep busy

To the Editor:

We are living in a world that is in complete turmoil, and so what do our elected leaders in Congress do? They go on vacation. I guess they are not worried about their approval rating dropping. I mean it's at 11%. It can't get much lower.

Congress has done nothing the last six years, so why start now? Why not take some time off — 54 days —  to ponder the world situation. Hey, I can ponder that in 54 seconds. We are in crisis here, folks. Get busy, and do something.

Not this group. They went home from August 1 until a week after Labor Day. They returned for five or six days and I guess were overwhelmed (overworked?) so they decided they needed to rest from their hectic schedules. But don't worry; they will be back November 12.

Where else can you have a job that pays in excess of $180,000 a year with great benefits and a fantastic pension plan all in exchange for working 80 to 90 days a year?

Former President Harry S. Truman liked to say, “If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Congress did exactly that. Instead of dealing with growing global terrorist threats, issues of immigration, minimum wage, climate control, Russia and the Ukraine… they go on hiatus, again. What kind of leadership is that?

Robert O. Blake Sr.