Climate change or global warming, the same issue

To the Editor:

There are many signs of climate change that the GOP/Tea party is choosing to ignore. I am not referring to the current cold weather but the international weather signs that have been going on for centuries.

For example, the world's temperature has been steadily increasing since 1888 but there also have been periods when the temperature reduced or leveled off for a few years only to increase again. Many of these events can be traced to the start of the Industrial Revolution beginning in 1750 and its effect on the environment.

As industry grew so did the need for energy, and when industry became international, so did its pollutants of all types grow exponentially. This is not unlike occasionally smoking one cigarette, it won't hurt you; but once you start regularly smoking a pack or more of cigarettes, now you have a problem.

Why isn't climate change taken seriously? Perhaps we citizens don't fully understand its life threatening importance. In casual conversation you may often hear people mockingly say when it's really cold out, “Is this global warming”? It is more accurate to say “climate change,” not global warming since the climate is changing throughout the world but not necessarily warmer, just radically different, hot and cold.

A cold season like now is no proof of the climate changing but its long steady track record cannot be ignored — nor mocked.

Right now, there are significant world-wide signs of this problem. PBS recently reported consistent flooding in South Florida during high tides when the ocean backs up through the storm drains and floods the streets. This is due to rising ocean levels due to glacial melting and with warming ocean temperature causing ocean expansion. Similar occurrences are happening even here in Milford.

The GOP/Tea Party in Washington keeps blocking any serious dialogue of this topic, claiming there is scientific disagreement since their scientists don't agree and believe it is an exaggeration for political gain. This argument is absurd. To me, it is playing Russian roulette with the future of the world, (no exaggeration).

Think of it this way: when playing Russian roulette, you have five chances in six of surviving but only one chance in six of not making it. The odds are actually favorable for survival but the down side risk is enormous. Where would you place your bet? Who would want to take this unnecessary and avoidable risk? All it takes is serious dialogue while there still is time.

What to do? Write to President Obama, Speaker John Boehner and your Connecticut representatives, Senators Murphy and Blumenthal, Congresswoman Rosa Delauro and your state representatives stating your concern. It is easy, just type in their name on your search engine and it will lead you to their website.

It is too serious to be left to business to do the right thing. Sadly, their interests lie elsewhere. It is sometimes said: “In 50 years who will know the difference?” We won't, but our children and grandchildren will.

John Scalici