Cites Staneski experience and work ethic

To the Editor:
I’m proud to wholeheartedly endorse my good friend and fellow public servant, Pam Staneski, for the 119th District seat.
I’ve known Pam for more than 15 years, and I’ve grown over time to deeply respect her honesty, her willingness to work hard, her ability to listen and process information and her dedication to the community Pam and I served together

on the Milford Board of Education for six years, which is where I witnessed her work ethic and integrity.
One of the qualities about Pam Staneski that I most admire is her insistence on doing in-depth research before taking a position or making up her mind on any issue. Pam refuses to take information at face value unless she personally verifies it. I’ve met few elected officials in my years in public service that are as thorough and thoughtful as Pam Staneski.
I hope you’ll take a look at Pam Staneski’s website to get to know her better and to learn for yourself what she’s all about. I like her experience, her integrity and her knowledge of the issues in this race. I believe you’ll feel the same way. Experience counts in this election and my friend, Pam Staneski, has it.
Please join me in voting for Pam for the 119th on November 6.
Paul Beckwith