Casey gets this resident’s vote

To the Editor:
As Election Day fast approaches, we are inundated in the media with polls, political pundits and differing opinions. We all know how important it is to learn about the issues and the candidates before us.

On the local and state level, jobs and taxes are clearly at the forefront of our concerns. No matter what our party affiliation, I think we can all agree that we deserve better. As a democrat, I support Michael Casey for state representative because of his unimpeachable integrity, knowledge of the city and his ability to get things done.
I am a hard-working taxpayer who believes that our elected leaders should work for us and should strive to act in our best interests. We need firm and effective leadership. We need to balance our state budget and attract jobs to Connecticut.
As a father of children who went to college in Connecticut, I want them to look forward to a better future without worrying about the burdens of oppressive debt or struggling to find or keep a job. I want my grandchildren to have even better opportunities as well.
Michael has the best interest of Milford and Connecticut at heart. I know the man well, and I am giving him my full-throated endorsement. Get your families and friends to the polls and elect Michael Casey for State Representative.
Byron Crosdale