Beth-El Center seeks help for those in need

To the Editor:

The recent release of the United Way's ALICE report on the plight of the working, low-income population in Connecticut has brought much needed attention to needs of this struggling group. The hardships of the working poor have grown exponentially in the recent economic downturn. Yet the resources available to this population have only diminished.

At the Beth-El Center, we serve families and individuals in the Milford area who are struggling to make ends meet. Although they have jobs, they are dangerously close to a life of poverty. With 22% of Milford's population falling into the ALICE category and another 5% living in poverty, many of our friends and  neighbors are facing hardship.

As we continue to provide vital services to the segments of our community in need, we thank local partners and supporters  Our struggling neighbors need our assistance, now more than ever.

Toni Dolan, Beth-El Center