Are you a better leader than a fifth grader?

To the Editor:

There is a television show entitled, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” Often the contestants on this show embarrass themselves by not being able to answer questions the fifth graders easily answer. I am wondering if Barack Obama is a better leader than a fifth grader.

Here is why.

Fifth graders blame others and make excuses when they make mistakes or cause problems. Obama blames Bush and/or the Republicans for the weak economy and high unemployment etc. etc.

Fifth graders make things up to get their way. Obama promises “you can keep your doctor and/or your insurance if you want...” But doctors and insurance companies are bailing out of the industry and the system because of ObamaCare and it’s only just beginning.

Fifth graders often put play ahead of work. Obama plays golf when the government is about to shut down and/or goes to bed when Americans are being attacked by terrorists in Benghazi.

Fifth graders often have poor judgment and choose the wrong kind of friends. Obama calls the President of Iran. Everyone knows Iran supports terrorists who have killed Americans. But, Obama disrespected Benjamin Netanyahu when he refused to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister last year.

Fifth graders often break the rules or change them to their advantage. Obama has violated laws and the Constitution repeatedly including appointing members to the National Labor Relations Board while congress was in session (just one example).

It seems fifth graders and Obama make for similar leaders. I still think I will choose the fifth grader though. At least you can send him to his room where he can’t do so much damage to a country’s economy, reputation, safety and confidence.

Wally Hauck