United Way wants your opinion

The United Way of Milford says that your opinion counts. In fact, they are banking on it.

In collaboration with 22 human services agencies, the United Way of Milford has posted an online survey to be completed by residents of Milford. The United Way says that the survey will help assess the needs of the community and will be an important tool for grant applications and will assist in determining future funding.

According to the United Way of Milford website, the survey is anonymous and can be completed online at unitedwayofmilford.org. Surveys can also be completed and returned at the following locations: Milford Health Department, Milford Chamber of Commerce, Milford Senior Center, Parsons Government Center, Milford City Hall, City of Milford Department of Human Services, Bridges… A Community Support System, Woodruff Family YMCA, BethEl Center, Milford Public Library, and The Milford Bank’s main office.

The United Way of Milford is encouraging all who are interested to complete the survey by April 26. This is an update of a 2007 survey and will help the United Way and the human service agencies it works with determine priorities in meeting the needs of Milford.

The survey is simple multiple choice and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. We encourage anyone living in Milford who has a few minutes to spare to complete the survey.