Rohrig seeks community support

Dear Milford Voters:

As I walk our neighborhoods and once again meet and greet and, most importantly, listen to the great people of Milford, citizens often ask me how I voted on taxes and local issues. There is great misunderstanding about the roles and responsibilities of the City Clerk, a role I am honored to have served you in these past five years. So much of this confusion has been caused by erroneous political dialogues. Here is the simple truth.

The truth is a refreshing thing.

By state statute City Clerk does not vote at the alderman meetings. I am at those meetings to ensure appropriate evidence of minutes and agenda dissemination. It is political folly to assert that this office works under the direction of the Mayor - again, as recent political mailings imply.

As your City Clerk, I work for the people of Milford, and I do this guided by state statute, and in a respectful, non-partisan manner..

Back to those intentionally confusing mailings you’ve been receiving: By statue, the City Clerk is a non-voting member of the city government and serves absolutely no role in determining mill rate, tax abatement, or has any other local fiduciary responsibilities.

The full understanding of the role of the city clerk, as defined on the City of Milford website, visit here:

I am seeking your vote and reelection. As your City Clerk, I have provided significant improvements to the office, in particular improving our office’s customer friendly services and processes I have maintained respectful and bi-partisan relationships with other elected officials (this even noted by Mayor Ben Blake, who commended me in his annual report for initiating and maintaining the only citywide newsletter filled with communication for city departments, agencies and non-profit organizations). I invite each of you to visit me in the office and let me show you all the changes I have made!!!

Growing up in Milford, working at Lasse’s, my family’s restaurant, I have come to learn the meaning of true dedication and customer service. I know Milford. I love Milford. I bring that mission, that love for my City each and every day to the City Clerk’s office. Bringing knowledge and information to the citizens of Milford is my number #1 priority. I always have and will continue to have an open door policy helping all that have questions or a problem to be solved.

And I will never confuse you about what it means to serve you.

Thank you!

Joanne Lasse Rohrig

Milford City Clerk