Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Leeper, a problem solver working for Fairfield

Re-elect Jenn Leeper, a problem solver working for Fairfield

I once was told by my manager, “Don’t bring me a problem, bring me a solution.” It’s easy to complain, but much harder to propose workable solutions.

As our current State Rep., Jenn Leeper has been working on finding solutions to some of CT’s most intractable problems for the past two years.  With a Master’s in Public Policy from the U. of Chicago and as a former policy analyst for the CT Dept. of Education, Jenn is well prepared to dig into the data on any policy issue.  

Her opponent has tried to paint her as a partisan lackey. In reality, she’s a member of the Moderate Caucus.  She devotes herself full-time to her job as State Rep, and has quickly established herself as a leader in the House where she is well respected by her Republican and Democratic colleagues alike.

On the issue of affordable housing and 8-30G, Jenn submitted testimony against the proposed Unquowa Road development, and, rather than pretend we can repeal the law, presented proposals to the Housing Committee to tackle this extremely complex problem. 

On the economic front, Jenn voted to pass bipartisan budgets that pay down $10 billion of our pension debt, the largest payments in state history, saving us $450 million a year for the next 10 years. 

After the exit of GE, Jenn worked to bring over $4 million into Fairfield in PILOT funds (payment in lieu of taxes), nearly twice as much money as GE ever paid in taxes. 

Don’t fall for the apocalyptic talk about Connecticut’s future.  Last year, CT saw an influx of  tens of thousands of new residents and 24,000 new business start-ups. We are the 4th safest state in the country.  We’re making solid progress on many fronts. 

Let’s keep it going by re-electing Jenn Leeper, a problem solver with the intelligence, skills, moral compass and work ethic we need right now in Hartford.

Christine Brown, Fairfield