Letter: Where do local Republicans stand on Trump?

“GOP slate backs Trump” (Aug. 2 news story) says it all:

All five GOP candidates for governor support President Donald Trump’s positions. They all oppose gun control, they support Trump’s position and strategy on the border wall, they advocate changing collective bargaining rules and offer “doomsday assessments of the state’s fiscal condition.”

Not included in the article but to be considered: civil rights, women and gay rights, voting rights, the assault on our historic global alliances, trade partnerships, our environment and health care.

Thank you for this front page, lead story headline.

I’d like to know about our current Greenwich GOP officials — state Sen. L. Scott Frantz, representatives Mike Bocchino, Livvy Floren and Fred Camillo and selectmen Peter Tesei and John Toner stand. Do they also support President Trump? I want to know where candidates for all Greenwich positions stand and important state positions such as attorney general and treasurer.

The primary is Tuesday, Aug. 14. Register, vote and encourage others to vote. Our votes for the 2018 election are vital. Your vote matters!

Monica Prihoda, Old Greenwich

RTM District 6