Letter: Tesei, Toner have a productive partnership

I write in support of the re-election of Peter Tesei as first selectman of Greenwich and John Toner as selectman. Peter and John have provided strong, exceptional leadership that has assured that the Town of Greenwich has thrived amidst a sea of economic calamity statewide.

Under Peter’s leadership, our town has experienced consistent management of its budget and taxpayer resources and the lowest increase to tax rates in over two decades. That has ensured that we have excellent schools and a wonderful quality of life and services for all residents from childhood to seniority. Our parks and recreational areas are world-class and have been enhanced and improved under Peter’s and John’s leadership, as have our schools from the high school to several elementary schools that were in need of refurbishment. Nathaniel Witherell is considered an excellent rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility with spots there highly sought as a result of the investment by the town that Peter shepherded.

Peter is truly a first selectman who appreciates, embraces and encourages the beautiful mosaic of cultures, heritages and people who comprise the citizenry of Greenwich. As my Rabbi, Mitch Hurvitz so eloquently described him: “Peter is a good friend to the Jewish people and a good leader for entire local community. He exemplifies the attributes of wisdom, integrity, compassion and holiness. We are blessed to have him choose to offer his public service, and we pray that God will bless him and his family as he has blessed us.”

John Toner is a great partner to Peter and will work with him to build upon their successes, to make Greenwich an even better place for all of us to live. As a resident of Greenwich for over 29 years, I care deeply for our community and who leads it. I have experienced the successes and failures of multiple selectmen: Peter and John are exceptional, capable, caring leaders for our town.

Please vote for Peter Tesei and John Toner on Tuesday, Nov. 7!

Leora R. Levy

RNC National Committeewoman,