Letter: Remembering how it was ‘back in the day’

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@milfordmirror.com

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To the Editor:

When I was younger, my elders would talk about “back in the day,” but I never paid too much attention to it and simply attributed it to a bunch of old people reminiscing.

Since then, I’ve gotten older and find myself doing the same thing, but it’s a bit different. I am witnessing things today that happened more than 50 years ago and get upset because despite all those cries for change back then, nothing has improved.

Despite this, I do feel fortunate to have grown up during that time to witness the greatest moments of man with Apollo 11 along with the worst of them with Vietnam. These were all learning moments.

Every time I see old friends, we all agree these were simpler times. People greeted their neighbors and treated one another with respect. Unfortunately, things have changed since then and not for the better. Today, people are criticized in a vitriolic manner simply because they chose to pull a different lever in the voting booth.

Our county has transformed into a paradoxical nation. On one hand crying for equality, then on the other blindly tossing others into buckets. What’s ironic with an old-fashioned term like “back in the day” is despite its simplicity, along with the ugliness from that time, people were still able to respect their fellow man because they took the time to learn “who they are” and not take a shortcut by judging them by “what they are.”

Real change needs to start with the “individual” and will only happen once people break their bond to technology and social media to begin thinking for themselves. Albert Einstein said it best — At least once a day, allow yourself the freedom to think and dream for yourself.

Ed Vanchot