Letter — Kennedy focuses on people, not politics

To the editor;

It is with overwhelming enthusiasm that I write this this letter in support of State Rep. Kathy Kennedy. Kathy has been my friend for over 40 years and is running for reelection in the 119th District of Connecticut. I have also had the pleasure of working with Kathy with the City of Milford and also while I was the minority leader for the Milford Board of Education. She worked effortlessly for the students of Milford locally, statewide and nationwide. I can attest to her utmost integrity from both a personal and professional level.

Kathy has proven to be a consummate advocate for the district and focused on issues rather that party affiliation. During the COVID outbreak, I personally reached out to Kathy for a lifelong friend who was having difficulty receiving unemployment. This single mother was not the same party affiliation as Kathy, she wasn’t even in her district. However, Kathy took the time to advocate for her and secured the funding needed to help her with everyday needs. That is the kind of person I want representing me.

I have seen firsthand Rep. Kennedy’s willingness to cut the red tape that many issues are often mired in, and clearly focus on the needs of the people, not politics. Kathy has distinguished herself by working diligently to achieve positive results.

Kathy is bright, articulate and a ferocious fighter for all voters. She is ethical and honest and a credit to the often partisanship political structure. She serves for a purpose, not politics and works tirelessly for all.

On Election Day, I will be casting my vote for my friend Kathy Kennedy. I hope all of you will mirror my vote, a vote for a better Connecticut.

Joanne M. Rohrig