Letter: Dowse truly was cutting edge over 27 years

Dowse truly was cutting edge over 27 years

To the Editor:

For 27 years on the corner of Merwin and New Haven Avenue, Lynne Dowse has been the owner of The Cutting Edge Salon. Being part of both the Milford and West Haven communities, clients came from all over to get services done at her cozy salon.

Lynne and her partner at the time Shelle started the Cutting Edge Salon in 1995 with the goal of doing it their own way and that they did. Twenty-seven years of clients, stylists, support staff, hair colors, the candy, friendships, trends, lots of hairspray, therapy sessions, and who can forget the tanning beds.

She was not only the owner of a small business, but she was also and has always been a mentor, a teacher, a day maker and a friend. She makes you feel like family with her warm energy regardless of how long she has known you.

She has patience with the new stylists, not only teaching us daily but also going to classes/hair shows with us. Even when she was not working, she would stop in and bring Dunkin’ for the girls. She always gives back to the community, donating gift certificates, buying raffle tickets, and connecting people together.

As an owner/stylist she is a hardworking career mom, raising four kids while always caring for her clients. Countless times she would pick up her clients that didn’t have a ride, go to their homes if they were ill, or let them post-date a check because they didn’t have the money at the appointment.

I can't tell you how many discounts she gave out over the years or how many times she helped out the other stylists with their rent, etc. That is just the person she is and the example she sets. She always wore a friendly smile and left some sweet treats waiting when the clients arrived.

Occasionally (all the time) her clients would wait until the absolute last minute to get their hair done and then call when she was booked up, (she was always booked), but she would almost always squeeze them in and accommodate. She would come in at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday, then be there until 10 p.m. sometimes on a Tuesday or Wednesday — that's what she does.

Both Milford and West Haven in addition to the cosmetology community will sorely miss her work ethic and genuineness. As someone who worked with her in multiple forms for these past 27 years, I personally just want her to know how appreciated she is

Acknowledging all the years, blood, sweat and tears she gave to the Cutting Edge Salon, along with a legacy she built there. We watched our kids grow up in that salon, all the girls have their first jobs there. There are too many memories, so many years of friendships.

The Cutting Edge Salon has new owners, The Fowlers. We personally want to wish them and along with all the girls much continued success and happiness in that cute corner spot. In closing, Lynne from all of the staff (past and present), the clients and the many faces that walked through those doors, thank you for all you do and for just simply being you.

Lisamarie Hughes