Letter: Blake a strong leader, deserves another term

Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor


To the Editor:

When people from anywhere in Connecticut or even out of state, find out that I’m from Milford, they question me, “Isn’t that the town that has had tax cuts for the last six years in a row?” How is that possible, they ask. I have an honest answer for them. We have an amazingly conscientious Mayor, whose financial management and leadership skills have given our city an economic boost unparalleled by any other municipality in the state.

I feel lucky and proud to reside in Milford and to have Ben Blake as our Mayor. He’s steadied the helm for almost 10 years now, and my guess is these last two were the toughest of all. When he first began, Milford was battered by two major hurricanes that ripped through our coastline. He battled insurance companies and state and federal agencies to make sure our citizens were appropriately tended to. But throughout the last two years of pandemic, he has worked heroically with our diligent health department, school system, public works, and all municipal agencies to mediate divergent needs and issues. I think of all the countless decisions I’ve had to make with my family during this stressful time, and I can’t imagine how Ben Blake has so wisely and consistently made those good decisions for the whole city.

I’ll be voting for Ben on Nov. 2 and I bet anyone in Milford who appreciates our low taxes and high quality of living will be, too.

Sandra Morgan