Letter: Backs Blake for return to Milford mayor’s seat

Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor


To the Editors:

As residents of Milford for more than 40 years, my husband and I would like to express our deep love for this community. Additionally we are grateful to Mayor Ben Blake for his leadership in making Milford more attractive to young families, especially since our two adult children have decided to remain in their beloved “hometown.”

Both our daughter and son could live virtually anywhere. Given all their options, we are grateful they chose Milford as their first choice to settle in and raise children. They join us in crediting Mayor Blake, who they grew up with, for enhancing the desirability of Milford.

There were obvious qualities our children were looking for in selecting their home community, including the following - Good schools; check. Great locations with beaches and recreational facilities; Check. Friendly neighborhoods and a congenial downtown; Check. Reasonable home values and low, sustained taxes; Check.

Our family credits much of the vast appeal of our “small city with a big heart” to Ben Blake. Throughout Connecticut, he’s become the image of fiscal responsibility, economic growth and municipal good sense. Friends from nearby and far away towns are envious and impressed when we tell them that we’ve had a tax cut every year for the past six years. More importantly, as we watched our grandchildren navigate the difficult year and half of school transitions, we saw them thrive as our mayor, health department, and educators all worked tirelessly together to keep our kids safe and engaged in social and academic endeavors.

Milford is a vibrant community with the old-fashioned friendly manner of neighbors helping neighbors and a welcoming outreach to newcomers. We are thrilled that our family is all together in this thriving city, and we’d like to extend our gratitude to Ben Blake and hope that he continues his remarkable efforts to keep Milford great.

Donna Pinsince