Letter: Another succuessful Oyster Festival

To the Editor:

I sit on my deck with my coffee, enjoying the memories of another successful Oyster Festival. It is very different from yesterday morning. I have watched all week as the hundreds of city workers and volunteers created our city’s showpiece with so much community spirit wrapped around their efforts.

The enthusiastic loudness of yesterday is now replaced by the quietness of the harbor waking up. A lone car trailers a fishing boat to the boat ramp. A lone man picks up the last of his coolers. And the geese are really enjoying their breakfast this morning! A group of young people will be here soon to pick up, by hand, the last of the tiny scraps still left on the ground.

I am amazed once again that so many thousands of people have left so little trash behind in the Fowler Park area and all through downtown and the Green. I especially thank the Public Works guys who traded hundreds of overloaded barrels with empty ones for eight hours straight. Their work was rewarded by the crowds of people being careful to use those barrels scattered about.

Congratulations and thank you to the Festival committee for another successful year and to all the other volunteers who made it happen. You made Milford proud.

Linda Whittaker