To the Editor:

In Connecticut, we are in the process of getting another gas power plant, one that the people of Killingly do not want, and the State of Connecticut does not need. Natural gas cannot be a “bridge” fuel towards clean energy, because natural gas, or methane, is on par with coal as a contributor to climate change, being a heat-trapping gas many times more powerful than CO2.

When scientists say we have 10, maybe 11 years to take drastic action to reduce our emissions and prevent the worst effects of climate change, it’s no time to build another gas power plant. It will also reduce air quality, leading to a higher incidence of asthma, and this is something that as a public health and school nurse I am concerned about.

We can still stop this, if we put enough pressure on the Governor. If you support our children’s future and good health, please call or write Gov. Ned Lamont (860-566-4840), and ask him to rescind the permits for this power plant. Ask him to use the money instead to go to the people with the most need to make their homes more energy efficient, lowering energy bills (Connecticut’s are third highest in the nation), to help people and the environment at the same time.

One more action we can all take is to make sure our own homes and businesses are energy efficient. Get an energy audit, see for options. This is where the real power and energy comes from, from all of us taking action for a better world.

D’Arcy Jeffery