Letter —

To the editor;

I want to recommend to the voters of Milford and Orange, a great opportunity to elect Bryan Anderson as the next state representative.

I have know him for many years and met him when we were both in college and became interns for the legislature as part of our education. We had a meeting of the minds, which is still strong, and became good friends. He has been there for me through my worst pain.

I have only two people in my life who are completely non-judgmental and Bryan is one of them. His nieces and nephew happily call on him for an opinion when they need an adult, non-biased point of view.

Bryan is a man of great integrity and a friend for a lifetime. He has done a masterful job as an alderman for Milford. He listens to his constituents with an open mind and then works to find a solution to address their concerns. In times of flood, he has gone door to door in his district to be sure people were safe and if they needed help, he would make sure they got it.

He thinks out-of-the-box to find good solutions for problems that have bothered his city. And he has a history of doing exceptional service in every position he’s held. He works to find solutions to quality-of-life issues.

For 15 years Bryan drove from his home in Milford to New York City to teach in a grammar school. He made the trip in the worse weather so that these students would get the best education he could provide and that they deserved.

I highly recommend that you cast your vote for Bryan Anderson on Election Day.

Yours for a better state.

Marcella Fahey

Former state senator