Careful on the Sound this year

With the arrival of warmer weather last week, folks in Milford could be seen taking to the local waters. Some could be seen fishing on the Housatonic River or near Milford Harbor. Others were seen walking on what's left of the boardwalk at Silver Sands or collecting shells along the shore.

On Saturday afternoon, Milford firefighters rescued two kayakers from Long Island Sound. The two men were rescued because first responders were alerted to the situation by a person walking along Silver Sands Beach who saw the men struggling in the water.

The person dialed 9-1-1 and Captain Ron Wetmore and firefighters Bill Lasslett and Jeff Hillard headed out in search of the kayakers in Marine 2. The two men, whom fire officials estimate to be in their mid to late 20s,  were taken to Milford Hospital to be treated for hypothermia.

The two kayakers were very lucky that someone came to their rescue, but they were also very smart in that they were both wearing life jackets.

We in Milford have the good fortune of living in a coastal community. We enjoy the beaches for walks and relaxation and we dare the deep waters of the Sound for fishing and recreation.

But Long Island Sound can be hazardous to your health.

If you are going to enjoy a summer on the sound, be mindful of your surroundings. Keep one eye on the waters and one hand on your cell phone. Wear your life jackets and never go out into the water alone and unattended.

There’s been too much tragedy off our shores these last few years.