‘Blake’s work reaffirms my regard for local government and public service’

To the Editor:

Thank you, Mayor Blake!

For those of us who have been paying mortgages on our homes in Milford for over 30 years, it’s gratifying to at least see a decrease in our city taxes monthly for the past few years. It is a relief to know that our mayor’s priorities include reigning in budgets and expenses.

In addition to lower taxes, there is a remarkable responsiveness from the mayor’s office to residents’ needs. Countless times over the past few years, I’ve called Mayor Blake to ask about clogged sewers, traffic patterns at dangerous intersections, insurance issues and other concerns, and he always gets back to me with a prompt and reasonable response. Mayor Blake’s work reaffirms my regard for local government and public service.

Some of my neighbors and older friends occasionally complain about the “newfangled” improvements to the city. Yet when they learn that the splash pad, the dog park, the pickleball courts and even the new sidewalks on Gulf Street were funded substantially through grants and non-municipal funds, they are more than impressed. Also, affordable to us as seniors is Milford Senior Center — what a bargain at $15 a year! — where we can choose affordable lunches, learn of travel opportunities, receive medical reminders and updates, and participate in philanthropic work throughout the community. There are programs for everyone’s interest, and Mayor Blake often stops in for lunch to seek opinions on civic issues.

As a longtime subscriber to The New York Times, the last few years have made me so proud at the number of articles that have described Milford as “a great place to visit,” an affordable, desirable place to live, and a terrific weekend getaway. This kind of coverage from prestigious journalists reminds me that, thanks to Mayor Blake, our city is heading in the right direction.

Nancy Horn