State's Attorney: No evidence of conspiracy in death of Abe Dabela

The Danbury State’s Attorney, Stephen J. Sedensky III, said in a press release Friday there is “no evidence” the Redding Police Department was involved in any conspiracy during the investigation of Gugsa “Abe” Dabela’s death beginning in 2014.

“Although the investigation is not yet complete, it has revealed no evidence of any conspiracy on the part of the Redding Police Department. The Redding Police Department has cooperated fully with the Office of the State’s Attorney and the State Police throughout this investigation, as well as cooperating with the forensic expert retained by the Dabela family in 2014,” the press release reads.

This message comes days after the Dabela family filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the Town of Redding, chief of police Doug Fuchs, and seven Redding police officers. The suit alleges Redding police did not properly investigate the death of Abe Dabela, who died after being involved in a car accident on Umpawaug Road in the early morning hours of April 5, 2014.

The first responders to the scene found Dabela dead with a single bullet hole in the back of his head. There was a .40 caliber pistol in the car.

The medical examiner later ruled his death a suicide.

When contacted earlier this week, Police Chief Fuchs said he was barred from making statements on pending litigation. He has long maintained his department properly investigated Dabela’s death.

You can read more about the lawsuit, and the Connecticut NAACP's comments on the case here.