Maroney’s bills target college affordability

The Higher Education and Employment Committee voted to advance three of state Sen. James Maroney’s (D-Milford) bills to the Senate floor.
Maroney’s bills aim to create non-traditional pathways to earning a bachelor’s degree, and to make college more affordable and accessible, he said. Maroney said the key is innovation.
“When I was on the campaign trail, I promised to be innovative in cultivating ways to ensure everyone has a chance to be successful in the 14th District and our state,” said Maroney, who is a member of the committee. “This legislation makes good on those promises and seeks innovative ways to provide opportunities to our citizens to better themselves. I commend my friends on both sides of the aisle in the committee for supporting this legislation and moving them forward.”
The following bills advanced:
SB 435 — “An Act Establishing a Tax Credit for Employers Making Education Loan Payments for Employees,” received bipartisan support, passing unanimously. This legislation would establish a tax credit for employers who make education loan payments for their employees.
SB 607 — “An Act Concerning Apprenticeships Pathways to Earning a Bachelor’s Degree,” received bipartisan support and passed unanimously. In addition to creating apprenticeship pathways to receiving a bachelor’s degree, there would also be some coursework for students.
SB 746 — An Act Establishing the Roberta B. Willis Scholarship Foundation and Creating a Business Tax Credit passed by a 16-6 vote. This bill would establish the Roberta B. Willis Scholarship Foundation and create a business tax credit.