Milford offers range of summer school classes, including enrichment

The traditional Milford Summer School program will run from Monday, June 30 through Thursday, July 31 and will be held at Jonathan Law High School.

The program offers students a total of 34 courses from which to choose — in English, math, social studies, science, Spanish and physical education.

Courses are offered in 1.0 credit (five week) and 0.5 credit (two week) formats. The program allows students a way to regain credits that were lost during the previous school year.

In addition, a middle school program is offered for students who want to revisit subject material over the summer that proved difficult for them during the school year. This program is a comprehensive mix of math, language arts, social studies and science and runs for the entire five week session.

The cost for a 0.5 credit course is $160 for any student who is a Milford resident, $170 for non-Milford residents. Cost for a full 1.0 credit course is $290 for Milford residents; $310 for non-Milford residents.

There are three ways to register.

Mail: Print the registration materials found online (, click on the 'curriculum' tab at the top). Complete the forms and mail with payment to Justin Zywocinski, program supervisor, at the address indicated on the forms.

Open enrollment: Staff members will be on hand to assist during a week-long open enrollment period, Monday, June 23 to Friday, June 27, 9 a.m. to noon. Enter the school through the Jonathan Law new gym entrance.

Open enrollment: There will be one evening registration session. Visit us on June 26, from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m., at the Parsons Complex/Board of Education meeting room to register.

New summer enrichment

A total of 14 courses were developed to satisfy a wide range of interests for students of all ages, such as creative writing, visual arts, science and math, technology and computers and health/wellness.

Costs for courses range from $80 to $300. The average course cost is $200.

People can register by mail by finding the forms at Print the Registration Materials found online at, click on the 'Curriculum' tab at the top. Complete the forms and mail with payment to Sean Brennan, Enrichment Program Supervisor, at the address indicated on the forms.

Open enrollment: Thursday, June 12, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., in the Parsons Complex/Learning Center.

Touch typing

Earlier in the year, questions emerged from the parent community regarding the fact that students, even very young ones, needed to use typing skills while taking this year's Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) testing.

A collaboration on the issue by the Milford Education Foundation and the Milford PTA Council, along with the school district, resulted in the all-new Touch Typing course that will be offered this summer.

Students ranging from grades K - 12 are welcome. Thanks to a grant offered by the MEF, a small number of scholarships will be available to those students in need, (contact Sean Brennan at 203-783-3502 for information on how to be considered for a scholarship).

AP Summer Academy

This program offers several preparatory sections to students who are registered for or may choose to take AP courses in high school. The academy has been designed in two session blocks.

Block 1 (July 7 to 9): Primarily designed as an introduction for students taking an AP class for the first time in the upcoming school year. Students will be exposed to the various AP offerings.

Block 2 (several two-day sessions offered, running from July 14 to July 24): This second set of sessions is designed for students as a strategic introduction to a specific AP course. A basic overview of the AP course syllabus and AP exam will be provided.

For information about the AP Academy contact Bryan Frank, AP Summer Academy Supervisor, at 203-783-3574.

Students eligible for this coursework have already been notified by letter. Invited students must register no later than June 27 by calling Kathy McGuinness at 203-783-3424.