Milford fifth graders learn about feeding the hungry

Eighteen students from Room 24, a fifth grade class at Meadowside Elementary School, together with parents and chaperones, gathered at the Beth-El Shelter in Milford.
There they were met by the shelter’s Executive Director Toni Dolan, who gave the students a talk about people who don’t have enough food and how hunger can impact area residents who may or may not suffer from homelessness.
The children learned about some of the important services that are available through the shelter. Some students were surprised to learn that help is just a 2-1-1 phone call away for Connecticut residents.
“I didn't know that they saved beds for veterans who need help,” said Sophia, one of the students.
Another student, Tatum, added, “We should take care of veterans because they take care of us.”
The class was greeted by the soup kitchen manager, who gave students a tour of the kitchen. A Peapod truck then arrived, staffed by two Peapod professionals who helped students unload and carry in $250 in groceries donated to the shelter as part of the Peapod Kids Give Back Program.
The visit was the culminating event of a series of lessons about health, nutrition, budgeting and personal finance that focused on preparing a healthy, balanced meal for up to 50 people and then planning and shopping for the supplies online using Peapod's online service and free recipes.
“The best part was planning the meals,” said Aidan, one of the fifth graders.
“It was fun working together in groups to spend the money and buy the food,” added Alexa.
Eliot, another of the fifth graders, explained that the class chose pasta with Italian sausage and spinach, and still had enough money left for barbecue turkey chili and other meals.